Hello world!

I am constantly working to make my knowledge more broad and comprehensive. Over the years I have studied 3rd world development, astronomy (very briefly!), literature, science fiction, philosophy, political theory, film and theatre both theoretical and practical and have worked as a journalist, radio host, arts and non-profit administrator, stage actor, playwright, theatre director, filmmaker, technical support at a film school, music- and theatre festival producer, Greenpeace activist, filmmaking educator, film post-production advisor, and — currently — as a teacher of media and communications.

Although some of these jobs and studies are now far in the past, the interest has remained with me.

My intent is to use this site to explore all the different subjects I am interested in. The focus of the site will necessarily be media, communications, culture and technology, as I imagine the primary users of the site will be my students and peers. I hope others will find it useful too.

Oh, one more thing. Don’t expect daily, or even necessarily regular, updates. I’m not that kinda guy.

Also, this is a bilingual site: pages will be in English or Norwegian. I’m afraid I have neither the time nor inclination to translate all the content to ensure it is in both languagues.

Fredrik Graver


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